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Hi, My Name is Ian Fernando

I am a Digital Nomad Ad Manager and I Will Manage Your Ads.


Managing your ad campaigns can be a nuisance,

When you try to self-train and learn about the different methods of online advertising, you consume a lot of time and it's a bummer when these efforts don't even deliver results.

Allowing me to manage your ads, you can focus your time and effort to more productive activities that will help drive your business.

And when you save time, you inadvertently save money. It may seem counterintuitive but in the long run, hiring an expert for to manage your online ads, can save you a lot of money. You only pay for a single service and you won't even have to worry about the cost of expensive ad management tools.

The goal of your ads is not just to drive traffic to your website. It is also to create leads and turn them into conversions.

I can make that come true.

Are You Still Struggling to Optimize Your Ads?

Confuse with What Your Ads are Doing?

When you're new in the industry, it can be tempting to just get your voice out there and wait for the customers to come. But as you edge closer, you'll realize that there are several factors that needs to be thoroughly considered before running an ad campaign.


Knowing Which Kind Of Device Leads To Conversion

One of the goals of an ad campaign is to determine which channels are most effective in driving conversions. Cross-Device Attribution is a technique used to explore this aspect of the ad management funnel.


Which Time Of The Day Is Best For Ad Campaigns

There are different kinds of ad campaigns. Some of the most popular ones are Native ads, Facebook ads, and Google ads. Depending on the kind that you need, your advertising spend should differ to attain the best results.


The Right Page Layout To Deliver The Right Results

Per industry, there is a median conversion rate which decides how likely a certain page is going to convert. Since landing pages are a vital element for conversion, it is important to get the right formula layout.

Don’t Take My Word

Some kind words from our awesome clients

I have worked with him through my marketing company and he has been able to help us streamline several ways in which we work with clients. I would highly recommend that he is used for his consulting services.

Noelle Stary
Founder and CEO of 20 Lemons

I met Ian few times at events and I also did his interview on my blog, his knowledge in affiliate marketing specially Facebook ads is indepth, he is Facebook ad expert and kind of knowledge he deliver on his blog is superb.

Jitendra Vaswani
Digital Marketing Consultant

Ian Fernando is someone that has grown to be considered one of the BEST! His knowledge of funnel optimization, monetizing traffic, paid media are only a few things that set Ian apart from the rest.

Rodney Granderson
Director of Marketing at Trend Capital Holdings

I have great respect for Ian as an entrepreneur and innovator in the affiliate marketing industry. His work ethic, people skills, and honesty are rare traits to find in digital marketing.

Peter Hamilton

Some Geeky Tools I Use to Optimize and Scale Your Ads While You Watch Your Conversion Rates Go Up

It's Not Just Me You Have Access to but the Tools I Use on my Own Ad Campaigns


Conversion Tracking Installation

When you look at a website, you only see the external scope but if you want to see what's really going on, you are going to need to install a conversion tracking software which may require to add some codes. I can take care of technical stuff for you.


A/B Testing

Want to really see clicks get turned into conversions, we're going to do several tests to find out which channels and strategies work best for your campaign goals. Through A/B testing, I will be able to tell which strategy, landing page, or app can deliver better results.


Keyword Discovery

Any 'word' can be considered a keyword. However, to be able to succeed in your CPC ads, one has to consider the demographic and the intended actions behind those keywords. I do the research on each keywords and their intent.


Campaign Spy and Research

More than just turning visitors into leads and leads into conversions, you also want to be the leading establishment in the market. I can study what strategies your competitors are applying to their campaigns.

Lets Work Together as a Partner in Ad Management

Let Us Shake Hands on this Together


Besides being a digital nomad marketer, I enjoy the views of travel. I have been all over Europe, Asia, South America, in fact I have touched each continent besides the poles.

Over the years, the ad management industry had greatly flourished due to the emergence of e-commerce and other online businesses.

So these days there are literally a ton of other digital marketers offering the same services as I.

But by working with me, we will be working hand in hand; just like partners, which is great because not only do you get to learn about digital marketing along the way but you also get to make sure that the ad campaigns that I do are exactly how you want them to be. As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to be hands on with your business.

While I travel the world, I can also help you expand your customer reach to other parts of the world.

Are You Ready to Hand Over Your Ads?

Let Us Work Together and Get You More Conversions.